Tim is an experienced drummer who has played most types of music including traditional and modern Jazz, Swing Music, Latin, Rock, Soul, Blues, Country, Ceilidh and much more


As a drummer he started playing at 8 years of age and used to sit in with his father Hedley Ward’s Orchestra at that time.
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Tim plays “The Moeller Method” taught to him by the great Jim Chapin from the USA


Stride Jazz brushes - Played as they should be - By Tim Ward

Tim plays Sing Sing Sing

Tim Ward Drums

Tim Ward

Tim Ward

David Newton Jazz Trio Leaflet
Excerpt from Daffodil leaflet:
David Newton has been voted "Best Jazz Pianist" in The British Jazz Awards 9 years running. His playing has a great depth of emotion and musicality without compromising individuality. He is joined by Clive Morton on bass and Tim Ward on drums.


Tim Ward with Jim Chapin when he visited England in March 2007

Jim Chapins Obituary click here


A night with Jim Chapin
was a night to remember
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State of the art Roland TD12 electronic drum kit



Tim Ward's DW acoustic kit plus the washboard from
The Paul Leegan Band (Zildjan Thimbles - not shown)



Tim Ward playing washboard on stage with The Paul Leegan Band at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury in April 2006


Recording at FFG Studios Tewkesbury March 2007


Recording at FFG Studios Tewkesbury March 2007



Tim Ward on stage circa 1990.



Tim Ward aged approximately 13 - centre row (snare).
Lead drummer with his schools C.C.F band.



Tim Ward aged 12 on the drums at The Spa Ballroom - Scarborough where his fathers band was resident for the summer season.



The late, great, Ronnie Verrell who Tim put on twice for the benefit of drummers before he tragically died.
Ronnie was "Animal" in "The Muppets" and was one of the few drummers in the world highly rated by Buddy Rich with whom he did the famous drum battle on The Muppet Show.